European Street Day for TUNE’s “Identity”: 14th. Nov. 2014

“Identity” is the second album by TUNE, an alternative progressive and artrock band founded 2009 by Leszek Swoboda and Adam Hajzer’s initiative in Lodz/Poland. On their debut album “Lucid Moments” the listeners could already immerse themselves in the band’s precisely played theater of emotions that overwhelmed foreign critics with the authenticy of its messages and complexity of compositions. Quietly progressive and perpetually focused on new horizons,  the band’s second album “Identity” firmly and finally establishes TUNE as a unique force in modern music; the sheer, sparkling brilliance of songs like ‘Change’ or ‘Crackpot’ forge a potent connection with an ever-expanding audience. ‘Identity’ is a gleaming collection of beautifully crafted songs, performed with vitality, intensity and utmost passion. With a few brave strides into uncharted territory, not least the experimental Floydian electronica-driven surge of the album’s stunning intro “On”, TUNE seem increasingly capable of finding new ways to touch our hearts and souls. If you are a fan of bands or artists like Muse, The Mars Volta, Pink Floyd or David Bowie you must give this one defintely a try!

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