MORIBUND OBLIVION releases tour-dates

MORIBUND OBLIVION releases dates for their forthcoming Nort-European “Turk”-tour:
Apr. 21.04.2015 – Tallin / RockClub Tapper / ESTONIA
Apr. 22.04.2015 – Helsinki / TBA / FINLAND
Apr. 23.04.2015 – Jyvaskyla / TBA / FINLAND
Apr. 24.04.2015 – Oulu / TBA / FINLAND
Apr. 25.04.2015 – Tampere / TBA / FINLAND
Apr. 26.04.2015 – Turku / RockBar / FINLAND
Apr. 29.04.2015 – Odense / Musikhuset / DENMARK
Apr. 30.04.2015 – Sundswall / TBA / SWEDEN
May. 01.05.2015 – Trondheim / TBA / NORWAY
May. 02.05.2015 – Bergen / TBA / NORWAY
May. 03.05.2015 – TBA / TBA / NORWAY
May. 05.05.2015 – Oslo / TBA / NORWAY
May. 06.05.2015 – Cophenagen / TBA / DENMARK

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DOTT release schedule

Release schedule for springtime 2015:
27th March 2015 – PAPASLIDE “The Deepest Pain”
24th April 2015 – MORIBUND OBLIVION “Turk”
24th April 2015 – VINDRA “Mournful Boy”
Stay tuned, we keep you updated!

MORIBUND OBLIVION Turk Cover_72 (kleine Auflösung)VINDRA - Mournful Boy (cover front)

Street day for new PAPASLIDE album is fixed!

Terrific blues with a mind-bending undercurrent of light psychedelia mixed with equal doses of rock, folk, swamp, some deep soul
and Voodoo. Believe me, somehow the whole thing works.
Release Date for PAPASLIDE’s third album “The Deepest Pain” is set for 27th March 2015.
We keep you updated!

PAPASLIDE The Deepest Pain Frontcover 07.01.2015

London Mace’s single “Healing Power” will be released on Thanksgiving Day

In two days on THANKSGIVING DAY (27th. Nov. 2014) we will release the amazing “Healing Power” by London Mace, worldwide available on I-Tunes, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify a.m.m.!
Don’t miss the impressive video to “Healing Power” which was filmed exclusively on location in and around the beautiful Mt. Charleston mountains and at the Mt. Charleston Lodge in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The release date of the video is also fixed for THANKSGIVING!

LONDON MACE Healing Power Banner 3

Street Day for TUNE’s “Identity”

Street Day for TUNE’s new album “Identity”! Don’t forget to get YOUR copy of the awesome Prog. Rock – Masterpiece now:

“Ik denk dan ook dat Bowie-liefhebbers deze muziek zullen weten te waarderen. Maar deze muziek is niet louter voor Bowie-fans: Mike Oldfield-supporters, liefhebbers van The Mars Volta, adepten van Muse, en misschien zelfs een enkele Floydiaan: Verenigt u en schaft dit album aan, het is de moeite waard!” (Rinco Ennema, Progpraat Musiekmagazine, Netherland)

“Poland: why not sending this band to the Eurovision Song Contest. It will give this festival a new identity for sure! Twelve points for Poland!” (Mr. Ron Pennings from Dutch HIT TRACKS TOP 100)

“Ob Change oder Trendy Girl – fast alle Nummern haben das Potenzial einzuschlagen.” (Rene Wolters, TIME FOR METAL magazine and radio)

“TUNEs “Identity” ist eine glänzende Sammlung wunderschöner Songs, lebendig, kunstvoll und leidenschaftlich dargeboten, von unglaublicher Intensität und Musikalität. Kaufrausch!” (AMAZON Germany)





TUNE’s “Identity – Tour” starts on Saturday this week!

On Friday this week TUNE will release their new album “Identity”. One day later they will start with their “Identity” – tour in Wroclaw (Breslau). Polish ROCK RADIO will broadcast a feature, an interview and playing songs from the new album at 7.00 p.m. the same day.
Don’t miss the album, the tour and listening to TUNE on ROCK RADIO:,0.html

TUNE at Rock Radio


HEAVY HONEY frontman LONDON MACE will release first solo-single and video!

A song and a video which will put you into a pre X-mas mood – London Mace from HEAVY HONEY with his solo-single “Healing Power”, worldwide Street Day: 27th November 2014!
Stay tuned for exclusive I-Tunes campaigns!

London Mace: “Healing Power is a song dedicated to those who have ever felt lost in life. A caring reminder that with love, we all have the power to heal ourselves and make it through the coldest and darkest of times.”

The wonderful ballad, written by the famous American novelist and songwriter Allan Martin Osman, carries Christmas connotation although it was not originally written for the holiday at all.

LONDON MACE Healing Power - cover BELIEVE-1

European Street Day for TUNE’s “Identity”: 14th. Nov. 2014

“Identity” is the second album by TUNE, an alternative progressive and artrock band founded 2009 by Leszek Swoboda and Adam Hajzer’s initiative in Lodz/Poland. On their debut album “Lucid Moments” the listeners could already immerse themselves in the band’s precisely played theater of emotions that overwhelmed foreign critics with the authenticy of its messages and complexity of compositions. Quietly progressive and perpetually focused on new horizons,  the band’s second album “Identity” firmly and finally establishes TUNE as a unique force in modern music; the sheer, sparkling brilliance of songs like ‘Change’ or ‘Crackpot’ forge a potent connection with an ever-expanding audience. ‘Identity’ is a gleaming collection of beautifully crafted songs, performed with vitality, intensity and utmost passion. With a few brave strides into uncharted territory, not least the experimental Floydian electronica-driven surge of the album’s stunning intro “On”, TUNE seem increasingly capable of finding new ways to touch our hearts and souls. If you are a fan of bands or artists like Muse, The Mars Volta, Pink Floyd or David Bowie you must give this one defintely a try!

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DOOT signed VINDRA from Sweden

DUST ON THE TRACKS Records are excited to announce the signing of VINDRA, the Progressive/Alternative guitar orientated Rockband from Linköping (Sweden), with plans to release the band’s second full length album »Mournful Boy« on Easter next year.